Math Olympiad Grade 4 Geometry Test-10

Geometry Worksheet-10


  1. The number of line segments in the figure   is:

A. 15                    B. 5                      C. 12                    D. 30


  1. The edge of a book is a:

A. Line                                             B. Point             

C. Ray                                              D. Line segment

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  1. Which of the following points is not in line with the others?

A. A                     B. B                     C. C                     D. D


  1. Which of the following pair of shapes when joined together (by placing them edge to edge) can form a square? (The shapes can be turned if required.)

A.                               B.   

C.                                    D.


  1. A solid object when seen from one side, look like this.


The same solid, when viewed from top, looks like this.


Which of these shapes could it be?

A.              B.               C.              D.


  1. In the figure shown here, how many cross marks are in the triangle but not in the square?


A. 6                     B. 3                     C. 2                     D. 0


  1. This is a part of biscuit packet wrapper. Which of these can be found out from the information on it?

A. The number of biscuits in the pack.

B. The price of each biscuit

C. The weight of biscuits.

D. The cost per kg of the biscuits.


  1. Which of the following figures contains exactly three squares?

A.          B.       C.       D.


  1. Which of these is true?

A. More chairs are occupied than empty chairs.

B. Nine chairs are unoccupied

C. Every student has a partner sitting next to him or her.

D. The number of occupied chairs is less than 10.


  1. A square has 4 corners. How many corners does this shape below have?

A. 6                     B. 10                             C. 12                    D. 13


Answer Keys

(11)–D; (12)–D; (13)–D; (14)–C; (15)–C; (16)–D; (17)–C; (18)–D; (19)–D; (20)–C