Math Olympiad Grade 4 Test-10

Money Worksheet-9


  1. Round Rs.14.90 to the nearest ten rupees.

A. Rs.10             B. Rs.15              C. Rs.20             D. Rs.14


  1. Round Rs.17.35 to the nearest ten Rs..

A. Rs.15              B. Rs.20             C. Rs.18             D. Rs.10

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  1. One pair of socks costs Rs.3.85, one dozen bananas cost Rs.1.60 and one yard of a satin cloth costs Rs.5.50. Mary bought 2 pair of socks, half dozen bananas and 3 yards of satin cloth. How much money did she pay for her purchase?

A. Rs.20             B. Rs.23             C. Rs.25             D. Rs.24


  1. Rita sold her bike to Maria for Rs.59650 at a loss of Rs.23350. What price did Rita pay for the bike?

A. Rs.83000                                  B. Rs.80000    

C. Rs.363000                               D. Rs.84000


  1. Nick bought 10 kgs of apples for Rs.13.65 from a farm. He sold those apples to a nearby store for Rs.21.85. How much profit did he make?

A. Rs.8.30         B. Rs.8.20         C. Rs.7.80         D. Rs.8.68


Answer Keys

(6)–A; (7)–B; (8)–C; (9)–A; (10)–B