Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-10

Science Worksheet-10

  1. Why do ducks have little "teeth" inside their bills?

a. To help them grab food.

b. So he can smile

c. To help him smell


  1. Turtles are warm blooded

a. True                b. False

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  1. Mammals have babies that are born. Which animal below is a mammal?

a. Worm             b. Blackbird                c. Bear


  1.  The mantle is the earth's thickest layer and is made up of

a. nickel and iron.

b. magma, or melted rock.

c. water.


  1. Amphibians change how they look as they grow.

a. True              b. False


  1.  Projections sticking into the small intestine are

a. villi                b. vent                c. venus              d. village


Answer Key

(1)–a; (2)–b; (3)–c; (4)–b; (5)–a; (6)–a