Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-10


  1. Salt, sugar and coffee in water.

      a. floats              b. dissolves     c. dries


  1. Earth is the only planet that has

      a. Gas                 b. Trees          c. Water           d. dust


  1. When you see stratus clouds, It's often a sign of

      a. a nice day                               b. light rain and drizzle

      c. it's bring a storm

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  1. To cut down on the use of resources is

      a. recycle           b. reinvent      c. retrace         d. reduce


  1. How do ants work together?

      a. The ants dig big nests.          b. They get stepped on by people.

      c. They live alone.


Answer Key

(1)–b; (2)–c; (3)–b; (4)–d; (5)–a