English Olympiad Grade 2 Test-11



  1. Which of the following is an action word?

A. Party              B. Opened         C. Higher                    D. Fireworks


  1. Identify the action word/words in the given sentence.

The man jumped up and threw his club at the King of the Wolves.

A. club                                             B. King              

C. jumped and threw                   D. Wolves


  1. Identify the family word in the given sentence.

My father taught me how to play guitar.

A. my                  B. play                C. guitar             D. father

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  1. Identify the time word/words in the given sentence.

Samir and I left the hotel in the evening.

A. Samir            B. left                  C. hotel               D. evening


  1. Which of the following is a time word?

A. Decade                                       B. Century        

C. Afternoon                                  D. All of these



(6)–B; (7)–C; (8)–D; (9)–D; (10)–D