Math Olympiad Grade 4 Test-11

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Money Worksheet-10


  1. The cost of 2 cans of lemonade and 3 rolls of paper towel is Rs.670. If the cost of 2 paper towels is Rs. 320, what is the cost of 2 cans of lemonade?

A. Rs. 160          B. Rs. 350         C. Rs. 190          D. Rs. 200


  1. Rubina works at the downtown store, where she has to pay 2 Rs. everyday for parking. If she works 20 days a month, how much money will she spend in one year for parking?

A. Rs. 500         B. Rs. 600         C. Rs. 380         D. Rs. 480

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  1. Rupal saves Rs.400 in January, Rs.600 in February, Rs.800 in March, and Rs.1000 in April. If she continues saving money with this pattern, How much money will she save in one year?

A. Rs.17600      B. Rs.18000      C. Rs.16000      D. Rs.19000


  1. How many 50 paise coins are there in Rs.100?

A. 100                 B. 200               C. 20                   D. 500


  1. How do you write in Rs.?

3 fifty paise coins, 2 twenty five paise coins & 7 ten paise coins

A. Rs. 2.7           B. Rs. 2.07        C. Rs.27             D. Rs. 2.407


Answer Keys

(11)–C; (12)–D; (13)–B; (14)–B; (15)–A