Math Olympiad Grade 3 Addition & Subtraction Test-11


       A. 1417                B. 1047               C. 1147                D. 1741


  1. Miss Radhika wants to buy a videogame that costs Rs. 205. So far she has saved Rs. 147. How much more money does she need to save to buy the videogame?

       A. Rs. 158          B. Rs.58             C. Rs.68             D. Rs. 168

Math worksheets for division-multiplication

  1. Tony's house number is an odd number which is larger than 35 and smaller than 50. Both the digits of that number are odd numbers, and the   sum of those digits is more than 10. What is Tony's house number?

       A. 43                   B. 47                  C. 38                   D. 39


  1. Leela's mother needs 15 apples to make fruit salad. She has 9 apples. How many more does she need?

       A. 6                     B. 9                     C. 15                    D. 24


  1. Find the missing number.


       A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 4



(11)–A; (12)–B; (13)–D; (14)–A; (15)–C