Math Olympiad Grade 3 Numbers Test-12

Numbers Worksheet


  1. What number does point Y represent on the following number line?

       A. 3(1/2)            B. 4(1/2)            C. 3(1/3)            D. 4


  1. Dipak's user ID is a 3-digit number. It has digit 9 at hundreds place, digit 5 at tens place, and digit 3 at ones place. What is his user ID?

       A. 935                 B. 593                 C. 953                 D. 395


  1. 800 + 9 =_____

       A. 89                   B. 8009              C. 8090              D. 809

Math fractions worksheets for Olympiad

  1. Which point best represents 32 on the number line?

       A. A                     B. B                     C. C                     D. D


  1. If you add an odd number and an even number together, the sum is always going to be _______.

       A. an odd number                       

       B. an even number

       C. either an odd or an even number

       D. decimal number



(16)–A; (17)–C; (18)–D; (19)–B; (20)–A