Math Olympiad Grade 4 Test-13

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Money Worksheet-12

  1. Janu and Manu are construction workers working in two different cities. Janu makes Rs.126 per day while Manu makes one-third of what Janu makes. If Manu works 5 days in a week, how much money will he make in one week?

A. Rs.42             B. Rs.214           C. Rs.94             D. Rs.210


  1. Rs.7.05 + Rs.0.45 =?

A. Rs.7.45          B. Rs.7.94          C. Rs.7.50          D. Rs.7.55

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  1. Rs.40 + Rs.4.08 + Rs.5.23 + Rs.7.14 =?

A. Rs.49.31        B. Rs.56.45       C. Rs.16.45        D. Rs.55.45


  1. If one chapstick costs Rs.5.60, how much will 4 chapsticks cost in Rs.?

A. 22.40             B. 20.40             C. 21.40             D. 32.10

Answer Keys

(21)–D; (22)–C; (23)–B; (24)–A