Measurement Test-2


  1. Anita measures a spoon with a ruler. About how long is the spoon?

       A. 13 centimeter long                  B. 13 meter long

       C. 13 inches long                          D. 2 centimeter long


  1. What unit would you use to measure length or width of something?

       A. pounds          B. fahrenheit     C. meters           D. liters


  1. Which unit of measurement would you use to measure the weight of a newborn baby?

       A. yards              B. pounds         C. liter                D. tons


  1. Which statement is using the CORRECT unit of measurement?

       A. Adam weighs 75 inches

       B. Clair drinks 2 yards of water everyday

       C. Ryan's cat weighs 4 kilograms     

       D. My math book is 25 kilogram in length


  1. _______ is a measure of the amount of liquid a container can hold.

       A. Area               B. Perimeter     C. Capacity        D. Weight


  1. What unit would you use to measure temperature?

       A. Fahrenheit   B. Centimeter   C. Liters             D. Kilogram


  1. Choose the CORRECT capacity for the following container.

       A. 200ml           B. 200 liters      C. one gallon     D. four liters



(8)–A; (9)–C; (10)–B; (11)–C; (12)–C; (13)–A; (14)–A