Science Olympiad Grade 2 Air & Water Test-2

Air & Water

  1. We cannot see:

grade 2 science worksheets

(A) the Sun        (B) air                 (C) the Moon    (D) none of these


  1. When sunlight passes through water droplets, a _____is formed in the sky.

(A) rainbow         (B) cloud

(C) fog                        (D) star

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  1. The diagram below illustrates the water cycle.

Which arrow represents the process of evaporation?

(A) 1                    (B) 2                  (C) 3                   (D) 4


  1. In summer people like to take watermelon because:

(A) it is very tasty                       (B) it is red in colour

(C) it contains more water         (D) none of these


  1. Which of these is NOT a source of drinking water?

(A) tap                        (B) sea water

(C) hand pump         (D) well


  1. A storm can:

(A) blow away things                 (B) can uproot plants

(C) can damage electric poles   (D) all of these


  1. Which of these is NOT a source of surface water?

(A) Puddle             (B) Well

(C) Pond                    (D) River


  1. The process of water vapour cooling down is called:

(A) freezing                                (B) condensation

(C) evaporation                         (D) melting


  1. The instrument used to measure rainfall is:

(A) barometer                           (B) wind vane  

(C) raingauge                             (D) thermometer.


  1. Observe the figure given below. A boy is blowing air into a beaker filled with water using straw.

We see bubbles due to:

(A) water            (B) air                (C) straw           (D) particles


Answers Keys:

(11)–(B); (12)–(A); (13)–(D); (14)–(C); (15)–(B); (16)–(D); (17)–(B); (18)–(B); (19)–(C); (20)–(A)