Science Olympiad Grade 2 Animal Life Test-2

Animal Life

  1. Which of the following animals do not give milk to us?

      (A) Cow                 (B) Sheep

       (C) Goat                     (D) Horse


  1. Find the odd one among the following:

      (A) Cat                      (B) Dog

      (C) Bird               (D) Tiger

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  1. A _______ grows to become a butterfly.

       (A) chick                (B) kitten

      (C) caterpillar     (D) puppy


  1. Look at the pictures given below. Lion and Eagle are:


      (A) herbivores                               (B) carnivores

      (C) omnivores                               (D) producers


  1. The dung of animals such as cows and buffaloes is dried and used as:

      (A) wax              (B) leather         (C) fuel               (D) honey


  1. These animals are:


      (A) herbivores                               (B) carnivores

      (C) omnivores                               (D) scavengers


  1. Which of the following pairs is/ are correct?

      (A) Silk            – silkworm

      (B) Wool           – sheep

      (C) Leather     –  crocodile

      (D) All of these


  1. Four lizards were placed in containers of various sizes. The containers have been capped tightly and left to stand on the table. Which of the lizard would be the last to die?

      (A)                                   (B)

      (C)                            (D)


  1. The animal that can live both land and in water is:

      (A) fish                      (B) octopus

      (C) frog                         (D) ant


  1. Meat of pig is called:

      (A) pork             (B) mutton        (C) cheese        (D) None of these


Answer Keys

(11)–(D); (12)–(D); (13)–(C); (14)–(B); (15)–(C); (16)–(C); (17)–(D); (18)–(B); (19)–(C); (20)–(A)