Science Olympiad Grade 2 Rocks and Minerals Test-2


Tajmahal-rocks and minerals worksheets grae 2

Rocks and Minerals

  1. Which of the following is the hardest mineral?

(A) Gemstone                             (B) Graphite

(C) Diamond                                (D) Garnet


  1. Which of the following rocks is mostly used as tiles on roofs?

(A) Coal             (B) Chalk           (C) Slate           (D) Granite


  1. Which of the following is hard, reddish and rough rock?

(A) Granite        (B) Marble        (C) Sandstone   (D) Slate


  1. Pots and sculptures are made of:


(A) graphite      (B) chalk            (C)clay                (D) slate


  1. A soft white rock used to write on the blackboard is

(A) graphite      (B) chalk            (C) talc               (D) quartz

  1. Gypsum is used to make:

(A) mirrors                                   (B) pencil leads         

(C) blackboard chalks                 (D)pots


  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

(A) Rocks are found on land and in sea

(B) Rocks differ in colour, shape and size

(C) All rocks are hard

(D) Rocks are very useful to us


  1. Which of the following rocks on burning produces steam and electricity?

(A) Graphite     (B) Granite        (C) Coal              (D) Gypsum


  1. Which of the following is a CORRECT statement?

(A) Diamond is the softest rock

(B) Our earth is made up of rocks

(C) Coal is the hardest rock

(D) Gemstones are very soft minerals


  1. All rocks are made up of:

(A) water           (B) gases            (C) minerals     (D) soil.


Answer Keys:

(11)–(C); (12)–(C); (13)–(A); (14)–(C); (15)–(B); (16)–(C); (17)–(C); (18)–(C); (19)–(D); (20)–(C)