Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-2

Money Worksheet


  1. How much money is this?

       A. Rs.65.75        B. Rs.60.50       C. Rs.65.15        D. Rs.65.25

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  1. Which of the following sets of coins has the greatest value?






  1. Josh is counting the money he has saved in last two months. He has 9 one rupee notes, 7 fifty paise coins, 6 twenty five paise coins, 10 five paise coins, and 15 one paise coins. How much money does he have altogether?

       A. Rs.14              B. Rs.11.50        C. Rs.12.75        D. Rs.14.65


  1. Gangu and Mangu had gone to Jeans corner and bought two jeans pants on 1 + 1 offer for Rs. 800. If both of them paid equal amount, then find how much amount did each pay?

       A. Rs. 200         B. Rs. 300         C. Rs. 400         D. Rs. 800


  1. How many paise are in Rs.8?

       A. 800                B. 8.00               C. 80.0               D. 80.00


  1. In how many ways can Rs. 6.25 obtained from the following coins?

       A. 6                     B. 5                      C. 4                     D. 3


  1. Shaunak went shopping and bought following items.

       Cereal       - Rs.3.15

       Milk           - Rs.3.50

       Eggs          - Rs.1.25

       Juice         - Rs.2.75

       How much money did Shaunak spend?

       A. Rs.11.75         B. Rs.11.35        C. Rs.10.65        D. Rs.10.75


  1. How much does each banana cost?

       A. Rs. 5               B. Rs. 8              C. Rs. 10            D. Rs. 18



(1)–D; (2)–A; (3)–D; (4)–C; (5)–A; (6)–C; (7)–C; (8)–A