English Olympiad Grade 2 Pronouns Test-2

English Pronouns Worksheet-2


Fill in the correct pronouns in the following sentences:

  1. My teacher's name is Mrs. Anamika Mehra.

       ______ lives in Vasant Vihar.

       A. Her                 B. She                 C. Hers               D. Their


  1. Jill and Jack play with ____ everyday.

       A. mine              B. my                  C. me                  D. whose


  1. Jay didn't call me back. _____ seems busy this day.

       A. His                 B. Those             C. Mine              D. He

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  1. Everybody in the room has completed _____ homework already.

       A. I                      B. their               C. it                     D. me


  1. Dr. Rajesh is our new dentist. _____wife is also a dentist.

       A. Him               B. He                  C. His                 D. I


  1. They missed ______ flight to Chicago.

       A. them              B. mine              C. me                  D. their


  1. Jenil, Syra and I went to the park in the morning. ____had lots of fun playing together.

       A. Our                B. Us                   C. Mine              D. We


  1. Bantu and _____ go to the gym everyday.

       A. I                      B. mine              C. ours                D. his


  1. I went to the Iscon Mall last week. ___ is in Ahmedabad.

       A. It                     B. Whom           C. Their              D. Those


  1. Aashi is very rich. ____father is a very famous lawyer.

       A. Its                   B. Who               C. Her                 D. Hers



(11)–B; (12)–C; (13)–D; (14)–B; (15)–C; (16)–D; (17)–D; (18)–A; (19)–A; (20)–C