English Olympiad-Grade-3-Adjectives-Test-2

Reema is making a beautiful picture. 

Here beautiful is an adjective as it says more about the picture.

So adjective is a word that says more about a noun.

adjectives-English grammar worksheets

Adjective Worksheet-2

  1. Aamir packed the breakable plates in the wooden box. Identify the adjective/s.

A. packed, wooden                       B. plates

C. box, Aamir                                D. breakable, wooden


  1. Anita spilled juice on my expensive rug.Identify the adjective/s.

A. rug                 B. spilled            C. expensive      D. Anita

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  1. Science is _____ for him than Math.

A. easier                                         B. more easier

C. more easily                               D. most easy


  1. Bang Na Expressway is the ______ bridge in the world.

A. longer                                         B. long

C. most longest                             D. longest


  1. The superlative of little is:

A. less                                              B. more little

C. least                                            D. most little


  1. The superlative of spicy is:

A. spicier                                       B. most spicier

C. more spicy                                D. spiciest


  1. Amita's mother gives her a weekly allowance.Identify the adjective/s.

A. allowance     B. weekly           C. Amita            D. mother


  1. That monthly magazine had funny stories for little children.Identify the adjective/s.

A. magazine, little                        B. funny, little, children

C. children, funny                        D. monthly, funny, little


  1. Today is the ______ day of my life.

A. good                                            B. more better

C. best                                             D. most good


  1. I am _____ today than yesterday.

A. happy                                         B. most happy

C. happiest                                     D. happier


Answer Keys

1. D; 2. C; 3. A; 4. D; 5. C; 6. D; 7. B; 8. D; 9. C; 10. D