Math Olympiad Grade 4 Measurement Test-3

Measurements Worksheet-3


  1. 5,835 g is same as __________.

A. 50 kg 835 g                              B. 5 kg 800 g

C. 5 kg 835 g                                  D. 500 kg 835 g


  1. A bottle contains 1,050 ml of oil. How many liters and milliliters of oil is there in the bottle?

A. 1 liter 5 ml                                 B. 10 liter 50 ml

C. 1 liter 500 ml                  D. 1 liter 50 ml


  1. How many centimeters are in 7(1/2) meters?

A. 700                B. 705                 C. 750                 D. 70


  1. How many kilograms are in 12 quintal?

A. 120                 B. 1200              C. 12                    D. 100


  1. Which temperature would be best for swimming?

A. 40ºF              B. 30ºC              C. 48ºC              D. 61ºF


  1. You decide to wear a jacket to go outside your house. What is the temperature most likely to be?

A. 45º C              B. 25º C             C. 35º C             D.  5º C    


  1. Which amount is equal in capacity to 4 quintal?

A. 24 kgms        B. 24 gms           C. 400 kgms     D. 40 kgms


The temperature in the morning was −4ºC. During the day, the temperature rose 12º C. How warmer was the day?

A. −16ºC            B. 8ºC                C. −8ºC             D. 16ºC


  1. Find the difference between the temperatures.

39ºC and 67ºC

A. 28ºC              B. 27ºC              C. −28ºC           D. 29ºC


  1. What is the boiling point of water?

A. 0ºC                B. 32ºF              C. 100ºC            D. 100ºF


  1. Which object would most likely to have a mass of 1 kilogram?

A. a car               B. an apple        C. a pen              D. a bag of oranges

Answer Keys

(1)–C; (2)–D; (3)–C; (4)–B; (5)–B; (6)–D; (7)–C; (8)–B; (9)–C; (10)–C