Measurement Test-3


  1. Manoj and Ishan are making a snowman in their backyard. What temperature could it be?

       A. 88°F              B. 26°F               C. 67°F               D. 95°F


  1. Select the object with the longest length.

       A.         B.        C.             D.


  1. Neha purchased 3 Units of cloth to make a dress. Which unit of measurement makes the above sentence CORRECT?

       A. kilometers    B. gallon            C. meters           D. liter


  1. Sima needs to measure the temperature of water. Which unit of measurement should she use?

       A. °F                   B. milliliter        C. meter             D. grams


  1. How many grams are in one kg?

       A. 200                B. 100                C. 800                D. 1000


  1. About how much does Ayan's toy car weigh?

       A. 100 kg           B. 200 grams    C. 15 kg              D. 20 grams



(15)–B; (16)–D; (17)–C; (18)–A; (19)–D; (20)–D