Science Olympiad Grade 2 Air & Water Test-3

Air & Water

  1. We cannot see or feel water in the air because it is in the form of ___

(A) solid             (B) liquid           (C) gas                (D) steam


  1. Wet clothes dry under the Sun. This is an example for:

(A) condensation                          (B) melting

(C) boiling                                      (D) evaporation

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  1. What happens when you put a bowl of water in the freezer overnight?

(A) It turns to steam                  (B) It turns to ice

(C) It remains the same             (D) None of the above


  1. Which of these activities can save water?

(A) We should turn off the taps after using them

(B) We should not let the tap run when we brush our teeth

(C) We should not waste water while bathing

(D) All of these


  1. Boiling water can kill:

(A) germs          (B) salts              (C) particles      (D) none of these


  1. If a steel plate is held on top of the hot vessel, we see' tiny droplets of water on the plate. Which of these on touching the hot plate changes into droplets of water?

(A) Ice                (B) Dew             (C) Steam          (D) Heat


  1. The wind pushes the water in the ocean and causes:

(A) pollution     (B) monsoons   (C) waves           (D)gale


  1. When the Earth is seen from outer space, it looks mainly blue. This is because most of the Earth is covered with:

(A) ice                 (B) mountains (C) oceans         (D) deserts


  1. What do we need to stay alive?

(A) Car               (B) Soil               (C) Water          (D) Animals.


  1. The instrument used to know the direction of wind is:

(A) windmill                                 (B) weather cock      

(C) barometer                              (D) thermometer.


Answers Keys:

(21)–(C); (22)–(D); (23)–(C); (24)–(D); (25)–(A); (26)–(C); (27)–(C); (28)–(C); (29)–(C); (30)–(B)