Science Olympiad Grade 2 Animal Life Test-3

Animal Life

  1. Which of these animals does NOT lay eggs?

      (A) Fish                    (B) Frog


      (C) Hen                        (D) Rat


  1. Fish, crocodile and snake can be put in the same group because their bodies are covered with:

      (A) fins               (B) scales           (C) feathers       (D)fur.

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  1. Which of these helps plants to grow better?

      (A) Leather       (B) Manure       (C) Fibre            (D) None of these


  1. Two wild animals that eat plants are:

      (A) Cow and deer                         (B) Buffalo and rabbit

      (C) Deer and zebra                      (D) Bear and sheep


  1. Which of these eat flesh of dead animals?

       (A) Owl               (B) Vulture

      (C) Lion                   (D) Snake


  1. The kingfisher is a kind of:

      (A) fish           (B) bird

      (C) aeroplane       (D) starfish


  1. Feathers of birds help them to:

      (A) wet               (B)fly                 (C) keep warm      (D) both B & C


  1. Which of these is called an arboreal (live on trees) animal?

      (A) Toad                   (B) Zebra  

      (C) Parrot                     (D) Monkey


  1. Which of these is NOT a terrestrial animal?

      (A) Cheetah         (B) Whale

      (C) Zebra              (D) Deer


  1. Which of the following is kept in a stable?

      (A) Cow                 (B) Lion

       (C) Rabbit           (D) Horse


Answer Keys

(21)–(D); (22)–(B); (23)–(B); (24)–(C); (25)–(B); (26)–(B); (27)–(D); (28)–(D); (29)–(B); (30)–(D)