Science Olympiad Grade 2 Human Body Test-3

Human Body

human body worksheets grade 2

  1. The bones give a proper to your body.

(A) shape           (B) fitness          (C) energy         (D) movement


  1. Which of these is NOT a sense organ?

(A) Eye                    (B) Ear

(C)                                     (D)   mouth


  1. Look at the figure given below.


Human body worksheets class 2


Hand muscles

Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding it?

(A) Our bones are covered with muscles

(B) Muscles helps us to move our bones

(C) There are more than 600 muscles in our body

(D) All of the above


  1. Which part of the body does the figure given below belong to?


Science olympiad grade 2 human body

Foot joint

(A) Ribcage       (B) Hand           (C) Foot              (D)   Head


  1. Heart beats faster when which of the following activity is performed?

(A)   A boy is eating

(B) A boy is reading

(C) A girl is sitting

(D) A girl is running


  1. At which parts of our body can we bend?

 (A) Knee                    (B) Elbow

(C) Neck                          (D) All of these


  1. Which of these sense organs give us the taste of food?

(A) tongue                       (B) eye

(C) ear                          (D) mouth         


  1. What controls all our activities of seeing, hearing, learning,

  (A) Nervous system

(B) Circulatory system

(C) Muscular system

(D) Skeletal system


  1. We need to eat ______ to stay healthy.

(A) bread                                      (B) a lot of food

(C) different kinds of food          (D) only fruits


  1. Which of the following body parts are called "Gateways of knowledge" ?

(A) Body systems                       (B) Hands

(C) Sense organs                         (D) Legs


Answer Keys:

(21)–(A); (22)–(D); (23)–(D); (24)–(C); (25)–(D); (26)–(D); (27)–(A); (28)–(A); (29)–(C); (30)–(C)