Math Olympiad Grade 3 Clock and Calendar Test-3

Clock and Calendar Worksheet


  1. What time will the clock show in 25 minutes?

       (a) 11:35                                          (b) 11:38  

       (c) 11:41                                          (d) 11:50


  1. The hour hand takes ____ to complete one hour.

       (a) 2 minutes                                 (b) 60 minutes

       (c) 30 minutes                               (d) 4 minutes


  1. Keshav and his friends went to watch a movie. They arrived at the theater at quarter to 6, but the movie started at 6 o'clock. How long did they have to wait for the movie?

       (a) 10 minutes                               (b) 20 minutes

       (c) 15 minutes                                (d) 30 minutes

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  1. Which clock of the followings shows quarter to 3?

       (a)                  (b)

       (c)                  (d)


  1. Ryan started walking from his house to the swimming pool at quarter to 4, and got there at 4:05. How many minutes did he walk?

       (a) 15 minutes                              (b) 12 minutes

       (c) 10 minutes                              (d) 20 minutes



(11)–B; (12)–B; (13)–C; (14)–C; (15)–D