Math Olympiad Grade 3 Geometry Test-3

Geometry worksheets for grade 3

Geometry Worksheet


  1. What is the geometric name of the figure shown below?

       A. trapezoid                                   B. rectangle

       C. square                                        D. pentagon


  1. Which shape has no side and no corner?

       A. square                                        B. circle   

       C. cone                                            D. diamond

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  1. Which angle is greater than 90º?

          A.      B.   C.    D.


  1. Which of the following best describes, in geometric terms, how the two letters shown below are related?

       A. flip                  B. rotation         C. turn                D. slide


  1. A frame is 1 in wide and 3 in tall. If it is enlarged to a height of 6 in then how wide will it be?

       A. 3 in                 B. 1 in                 C. 4 in                 D. 2 in



(11)–A; (12)–B; (13)–C; (14)–A; (15)–D