Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-3

Money Worksheet


  1. Kartik had Rs.10 in his wallet before he started shopping. He bought a book for Rs.3.50, a box of cards for Rs.2.75 and a set of glitter pens for Rs.2.50. How much money does Kartik have left now?

       A. Rs.1.35          B. Rs.1.25          C. Rs.1.00          D. Rs.1.75


  1. You have 48 rupees. How much money will be left with you if you buy 2 ice creams; 2 hot dogs, one pen and one burger?

       A. 5                      B. 8                     C. 7                      D. 11

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  1. Esha has one 5 rupees note, one 50 paisa coin, two 20 paisa coins, one 10 paisa coin, and ten 5 paisa coins. How much money does she have?

       A. Rs.5.50          B. Rs.6.65           C. Rs.6.50         D. Rs.4.75


  1. Which Indian currency note does not exist?

       A. Rs. 2              B. Rs. 5               C. Rs. 8              D. Rs. 10



(9)–B; (10)–D; (11)–C; (12)–C