English Olympiad Grade 2 Parts of Speech Test-3

Parts of Speech Worksheet-3


Identify the part of speech of the underlined words:

  1. We ate roasted corns for lunch.

      A. Noun              B. Pronoun        C. Adjective       D. Verb


  1. Jacky is older than Lucky.

      A. Noun              B. Adjective       C. Verb               D. Pronoun


  1. Sheila left her book at the gym.

      A. Adjective       B. Noun              C. Pronoun        D. Verb

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  1. That car has round wheels.

      A. Verb               B. Noun              C. Pronoun        D. Adjective


  1. These shoes are expensive.

      A. Noun              B. Verb               C. Adjective       D. Pronoun



(11)–C; (12)–B; (13)–C; (14)–D; (15)–A