English Olympiad Grade 3 Homophones Test-3

Homophones Worksheet-3

  1. The ____ is the closest star to Earth.

A. Son                 B. Soon               C. Some             D. Sun


  1. How much does the newborn_____?.

A. Way               B. Wey                C. Weigh            D. Waight


  1. Sarah would like to _____ him.

A. meat              B. meit               C. meet               D. mete

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  1. I saw a _____ coat hanging in the closet.

A. read               B. reed                C. raid                D. red


  1. Miley ____  why Jeetu didn't talk to her.

A. nose               B. no'se              C. knows            D. noose


  1. I go to school ____ bus.

A. buy                 B. bye                 C. by                   D. none of these


  1. I have a very ____ friend.

A. dear               B. deer                C. dire                D. dier


  1. We should not ____ the rules.

A. break             B. brake             C. bake               D. broak


  1. ____ going  to China this summer.

A. There             B. Their              C. the                  D. They're


  1. I would like to ____ her.

A. meet               B. meat              C. miet               D. none of these


Answer Keys

1. D; 2. C; 3. C; 4. D; 5. C; 6. C; 7. A; 8. A; 9. D; 10. A