English Olympiad Grade 3 Verbs Test-3

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We usually use the short forms (wasn't/weren't] when we are speaking or writing a friendly letter:

Anila wasn't at home yesterday.

We use was and were to talk about the past:

I was a student of College of Science from 1991 to 1994.

She was swimming champion. (not now)

It was very hot last August.

They were at the club until midnight.

She was there  in the concert last night.

We use there was.../there were:., to talk about something in the past .

There was a small party in the school last Sunday.

There was a small pond in the garden.


We use there was with a singular noun or with an uncountable noun  :

There was a football match in the park last week.

There was some  bread in the cupboard yesterday.

There was a tree in the garden.

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We use there were with a plural noun:

There were two hundred people at the wedding.

There were 150 students in the class.


Questions and short answers are like this:

  1. Was there a cricket  match yesterday?
  2. Yes, there was.    or  No, there wasn't.
  3. Were you there in the party ?
  4. Was it easy to solve ?
  5. Were there any good programmes on TV last week?
  6. Was it funny, interesting, difficult ……..
  7. Were you late ?
  8. Were Ravi and Radha at the party ?
  9. Was she happy?
  10. Were they expensive ?

Verbs Worksheet-3


  1. Why _____ he need so much money?

A. do                   B. have               C. has                 D. does


  1. Mrs. Moore _____ worked here for 15 years.

A. have               B. do                   C. am                  D. has

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  1. Which sentence is an example of past tense?

A. When I got home, they had just left.

B. They will leave tonight.

C. Are you staying home tonight?

D. Will she be home to receive us?


  1. Why did you ____ my candy?

A. eat                  B. wet                 C. after               D. chewing


  1. At the first sound of my voice, he listened with intense curiosity.

A. sound             B. voice              C. curiosity        D. listened


  1. The captain landed upon the shore with his wife and four sons.

A. landed                                        B. wife, sons

C. four, landed                              D. upon, shore


  1. I put the lizard back into the hole and covered him with leaves.

A. lizard                                          B. covered, leaves

C. put, covered                              D. hole


  1. When Mamta arrived, the party _____ already finished.

A. has                 B. am                  C. having           D. had


  1. I ____ inform you as soon as I hear from her.

A. has                 B. are                  C. is                     D. will


  1. ____ you help me with my homework after the movie?

A. Do                  B. Will                C. Has                D. Have


Answer Keys:

1. D; 2. D; 3. A; 4. A; 5. D; 6. A; 7. C; 8. D; 9. D; 10. B