Math Olympiad Grade 4 Test-4

Charts & Graphs Worksheet-6


Mr. Hari owns a grocery store in a town. The graph below shows the total number of each kind of cereal the store sold last week.

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  1. How many boxes of Corn Flakes were sold last week?

A. 130                 B. 125                 C. 140                 D. 135

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  1. How many boxes of Raisin Bran and Crispix were sold?

A. 200                B. 205                 C. 215                 D. 105


  1. How many boxes of cereals were sold altogether last week?

A. 580                B. 590                 C. 445                 D. 575


  1. For each box sold, the store donated Rs.2 to a hospital. For the week shown on the graph, how much did the store donate to the hospital?

A. Rs.960          B. Rs.1,060       C. Rs.1,160        D. Rs.1,260


  1. How many more Corn Flakes than Crispix were sold?

A. 40                   B. 85                   C. 55                   D. 50


Answer Keys

(16)–D; (17)–B; (18)–A; (19)–C; (20)–D