Science Olympiad Grade 2 Air & Water Test-4

Air & Water


Which of these has been put under the wrong heading above?

 (A) Water                 (B) Candle

(C) Water vapour     (D) Ice cube

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  1. Which one of the following represents the water cycle?

(A)           (B)

(C)          (D)


  1. Which colour is NOT found in the rainbow?

(A) Blue             (B) Black           (C) Yellow         (D) Red


  1. What do you see when you boil water in a kettle?

(A) Smoke rising into the air    

(B) Steam rising into the air

(C) Ice on the outside of the kettle    

(D) Nothing happens


  1. Look at the picture given below. It is due to:

(A) wind             (B) storm           (C) pollution      (D) waves


  1. Which of these are built to use surface water?

(A) Dams        (B) Canals

(C) Wells                  (D) Both A & B


Answers Keys:

(31)–(D); (32)–(D); (33)–(B); (34)–(B); (35)–(B); (36)–(D)