Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-4

Science Worksheet-4

  1. Is a carnivore male or female?

a. They are both male and female.

b. They are neither.

c. They are male.


  1. What protects the seed in the ground?

a. sprout            b. soil                  c. seed coat


  1. Leaves catch sunlight so they can

a. make food for the plant

b. be shiny

c. store it up for rainy days

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  1. Why do turtles need a hard, protective shell?

a. Because a turtle would look funny without a shell

b. Because they need a place to hide when it rains

c. Because they move slowly and could be caught by another animal


  1. Which animal hatches from an egg?

a. Bear                b. Whale            c. Duck


  1. There are always tears in my eyes keeping them moist.

a. True               b. False


  1. Solid, liquid and gas are all types of

a. shapes            b. matter         c. food


Answer Key

(1)–a; (2)–c; (3)–a; (4)–c; (5)–c; (6)–a; (7)–b