Science Olympiad Grade 2 Plant Life Test-4

Plant Life

Apples- plant life worksheets

  1. What is the name of plant whose leaves we use as food

 (A) Onion          (B) Cabbage      (C) Eggs             (D) Ginger


  1. Plants need light energy from the sun to grow. They store this energy as substances in all parts of the plant Humans eat parts of the plant to get energy.

Which of the following diagrams shows the correct sequence?






  1. In which of the following plants stem is eaten by us?

(A) sugarcane                 (B) onion

(C)   Garlic                           (D) All of the above


  1. Which of these give natural fibre(s)?

(A) cotton plant          (B) jute


(C) silkworm            (D) All of the above


  1. Cloves, black pepper and cardamom are:

(A) oils               (B) spices           (C) beverages   (D) fruits.


  1. Identify the fruit from the figures given below.

(A) Ginger                         (B) Onion

(C) Ladyfinger         (D) Potato


  1. Fruits develop from:

(A) leaves                      (B) flowers

(C) seeds                   (D) stem.


  1. Which of these is NOT a plant?

(A)    apple tree          (B) mushroom

(C) neem tree               (D)  coconut tree


  1. Monu's grandma says that some plants in their days were (missing) not found now-a-days?

What may be the reason?

(A) Cows ate those plants

(B) Thieves stolen them away

(C) They have died because of bad surroundings and human activities

(D) Their seeds are hidden


  1. Which of the following is NOT matched correetly?

(A) Root-Absorb water and salts

(B) Leaf-Makes food

(C) Fruit - Protect seeds

(D) Flower - Carries food


  1. Which of the following fruits is edible and has one seed?

(A) Tomato                                    (B) Custard apple

(C) Banana                                     (D) Mango.


  1. The rose plant and hibiscus plant can be placed in the same group because both of them are:

(A)trees              (B) shrubs         (C) herbs           (D) annuals


  1. The life cycle of a plant refers to the stages through which a seed grows into an adult plant.

Which of the following is the correct sequence?

(A) Seed ⇒ Adult plant ⇒ Young plant

(B) Young plant ⇒ Adult plant ⇒Seed

(C) Seed ⇒ Young plant ⇒ Adult plant

(D) Adult plant ⇒Young plant ⇒Seed


  1. Match the leaf given below with it's fruit.

(A)   Banana                (B) Pineapple

(C) Apple                        (D) Orange


  1. Which of these is a correct match

          Part we eat    |        Plant part

(A)              |        Root

(B)                   |        Seed

(C)                 |        Leaf

(D)              |        Fruit


Answer Keys:

(31)–(B); (32)–(D); (33)–(A); (34)–(D); (35)–(B); (36)–(C); (37)–(B); (38)–(B); (39)–(C); (40)–(D); (41)–(D); (42)–(B); (43)–(C); (44)–(C); (45)–(A)