Math Olympiad Grade 3 Graphs Test-4


A survey was conducted among elementary school children to know their favorite subjects. The bar chart below shows the data of the survey.

  1. Which was the second most popular subject among children?

       A. Science          B. Music            C. Art                  D. Math


  1. List the subjects in order from the subject with the most votes to the subject with the least votes.

       A. Science, Language, Math, Reading, Art, Music

       B. Art, Music, Reading, Math, Science, Language

       C. Math, Science, Language, Music, Art, Reading

       D. Music, Art, Reading, Math, Science, Language

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  1. How many more people chose Art as their favorite subject than Math?

       A. 200                B. 600                C. 400                D. 250


  1. How many people chose Math, Language and Art as their favorite subjects?

       A. 2,100             B. 1,600             C. 1,000             D. 1,300


The line chart above shows the recorded rainfall data for the New York City from 1990 to 2000. See the chart to answer this question.

  1. How much more rainfall was recorded in year 1994 than year 1990?

       A. 200 millimeters                       B. 300 millimeters

       C. 500 millimeters                       D. 100 millimeters


  1. What is the difference between the highest and the lowest rainfall recorded in the New York city?

       A. 200                B. 600                C. 500                D. 400


  1. Which year recorded lowest rainfall?

       A. 1992              B. 1990               C. 2001              D. 1996



(34)–C; (35)–D; (36)–A; (37)–D; (38)–A; (39)–C; (40)–D