Math Olympiad Grade 3 Division Test-4

Division Worksheet


  1. Forty-five boys were divided equally into teams. If each team had 9 boys, how many teams were formed?

       A. 9                     B. 4                     C. 6                     D. 5


  1. Raju has four plates of laddoos. He wants to put them equally in four plates. What should be the number of laddoos in each plate?

       A. 3                     B. 5                      C. 4                     D. 6

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  1. There are 21 bananas

       What is the equal share of each monkey?

       A. 7                      B. 9                     C. 3                     D. 6


  1. State if the first number is divisible by the second number.

       135 by 9

       A. Yes                 B. No


  1. If Rs.80 has to be divided equally among 4 girls, how much money will each girl get?

       A. Rs.10             B. Rs.30             C. Rs.20             D. Rs.40


(16)–D; (17)–C; (18)–A; (19)–A; (20)–C