Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-4

Money Worksheet


  1. Anup has been saving money to buy a toy for his friend. The toy costs Rs.14.50, but Anup has saved Rs.9.30 so far. How much more money does he need to save?

       A. Rs.4.25          B. Rs.5.20         C. Rs.4.20         D. Rs.3.75


  1. 650 paise + Rs. 3.50 = Rs. ____

       A. 653.50           B. 10                  C. 9.50               D. 11


  1. The third grade students raised Rs.67.34 for the Sick Children's Hospital. What is the amount third grade collected rounded to the nearest ten rupees?

       A. Rs.60             B. Rs.70             C. Rs.62             D. Rs.75

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  1. Total value of given coins is Rs. _____.

       A. 5                      B. 3.75                C. 5.25                D. 10



(13)–B; (14)–B; (15)–B; (16)–B