English Olympiad Grade 3 Homophones Test-4

Homophones Worksheet-4

  1. A _____ can hear and smell much better than humans.

A. Bear               B. Beer               C. Bare               D. Bere


  1. He gifted me a red _____ on my birthday.

A. Wrose            B. Rows              C. Ross               D. Rose


  1. It was _____ his fault.

A. naught           B. knot                C. note                D. not


  1. I ____ too much for dinner.

A. ate                  B. eight               C. eate                D. eite

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  1. The wind ____  hard.

A. blue                B. blew               C. blu                  D. bloe


  1. He said ____ to us with a sad face.

A. bye                 B. bi                    C. buy                 D. none of these


  1. Can you ____ a dress for me?

A. chews             B. chois              C. choose           D. choice


  1. I _____ dinner at her house.

A. eight               B. aid                  C. eite                 D. ate


  1. He gave me a ____ paper to write.

A. plane              B. pleen              C. plain              D. plone


  1. I bought one ____ of socks.

A. pair                B. pare               C. pear               D. none of these above


Answer Keys

1. A; 2. D; 3. D; 4. A; 5. B; 6. A; 7. C; 8. D; 9. C; 10. A