Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-5

Science Worksheet-5

  1. What important plant part does fruit contain?

a. leaves             b. seeds            c. stems


  1. Which part of the plant does fruit grow out of?

a. roots               b. leaves             c. flower


  1. Owls have special feathers that help them fly silently. This helps them to be better

a. dancers          b. birds               c. hunters

Try more practice tests

  1. hen I get hot my pores open and I sweat.

a. True              b. False


  1. My skin has that open and close ______when I am hot or cold.

a. pigments       b. hairs               c. pores


  1. These shake when they are hit by sound waves.

a. eardrums      b. fingers           c. nostrils


  1. The hottest season of the year is

a. Winter           b. Summer        c. Fall                 d. Spring


Answer Key

(1)–b; (2)–c; (3)–c; (4)–a; (5)–c; (6)–a; (7)–b