Math Olympiad Grade 3 Clock and Calendar Test-5

Clock and Calendar Worksheet


  1. What time will the clock show in 35 minutes?

       (a) 4:25              (b) 3:25              (c) 4:15               (d) 4:30


  1. If today is Thursday, what day was it day before yesterday?

       (a) Tuesday       (b) Friday          (c) Monday       (d) Sunday


  1. What time does a clock show, when the minute hand is on 7 and the hour hand is on 4?

       (a) 4:35              (b) 4:07              (c) 4:30              (d) 3:35


  1. Which statement is NOT correct?

       (a) there are 60 minutes in one hour

       (b) there are 24 hours in a day

       (c) one minute has 60 seconds

       (d) there are 30 days in each month of the year

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  1. The minute hand moves _____ times round the clock in one day.

       (a) 60                 (b) 3600            (c) 24                  (d) 120



(1)–A; (2)–A; (3)–A; (4)–D; (5)–C