Math Olympiad Grade 3 Geometry Test-5

Geometry Worksheet


  1. Mike enlarged the size of a rectangle to a width of 10 in. What is the new height if it was originally 1 in tall and 2 in wide?

       A. 2 in                 B. 5 in                 C. 6 in                 D. 7 in


  1. What does AB represent?

       A. line                                              B. line segment

       C. ray                                               D. angle

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  1. Which term best describes, in geometric terms, what happened to the letter "T"?

       A. rotation         B. slide               C. translation    D. flip


  1. How many vertices does the following figure have?

       A. 1                      B. 3                     C. 4                     D. none


  1. Which figure is a ray?

       A. AB                  B. OP                  C. XY                  D. none of the above



(1)–B; (2)–A; (3)–D; (4)–D; (5)–C