English Olympiad-Grade-3-Adjectives Test-5


I have a red yummy apple.

In this sentence; red and yummy are adjectives as they are describing the apple. Adjective is used as a describing word.

Adjective Worksheet-5

  1. She threw the rotten vegetables into the dustbin. Identify the adjective/s.

A. vegetables     B. rotten             C. threw             D. dustbin


  1. The squirrel chooses a quiet spot to make her home.Identify the adjective/s.

A. spot                B. squirrel         C. home             D. quiet


  1. She spilled the _____ coffee on my foot.

A. hotter             B. most hot        C. colder            D. hot

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  1. Of all the students in the class, Raman is the _____.

A. most smartest                           B. smartest

C. smarter                                      D. more smart


  1. The comparative of near is:

A. nearest          B. more near     C. most near     D. nearer


Answer Keys

1. B; 2. D; 3. D; 4. B; 5. D