English Olympiad Grade 3 Test-5

Reading, Types of emotions Worksheet


What type of emotion does the following line show?

  1. "This is such a wonderful day in my life", said Tommy to his dad.

A. Sad                                              B. Happy

C. Disappointed                             D. Angry


  1. "My cap!" shouted Pinky as Jinu handed her the cap. She hugged Jinu.

A. Disappointed                             B. Sad

C. Angry                                         D. Happy


  1. "The city has lost many people and the damage to the property is severe", said the president. "This is not a time for a celebration."

A. Angry             B. Happy           C. Sad                 D. Neutral

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  1. Julie never liked going in the dark. She was feeling that something bad would happen to her. Her face was yellow and she was sweating.

A. Scared           B. Angry             C. Sad                 D. Happy


  1. "You can't get away from me, Amrita!" shouted Uma. "You're my slave now."

A. Neutral                                      B. Disappointed

C. Angry                                         D. Scared


Answer Keys

1. B; 2. D; 3. C; 4. A; 5. C