Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-6

Money Worksheet


  1. Round Rs.17.36 to the nearest ten rupees.

       A. Rs.20             B. Rs.10             C. Rs.15              D. Rs.17


  1. Rahul spent Rs. 27.50 at the fair. His friend spent Rs. 13 more than him. How much did his friend spend?

       A. Rs. 30.50      B. Rs. 15.50       C. Rs. 40.50      D. Rs. 14.50

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  1. The table below shows the list of all the activities The Country Fun Park has. Shaunak has Rs.12 in his pocket, which two activities can he do?

       A. Rock Climbing and Bungee Jumping

       B. Rock Climbing and Roller Coaster Ride

       C. Bungee Jumping and Roller Coaster Ride

       D. Any two activities


  1. Four friends go out for a picnic. Shiva spends more than Rakesh. Lata spends more than Sonal but less than Rakesh. Who made the highest expenditure?

       A. Shiva              B. Rakesh          C. Latha             D. Sonal


  1. Tarun buys a burger for Rs.8.10 and candy for Rs.4.90. If he pays twenty rupees to the cashier, how much change will he get?

       A. Rs.7.30         B. Rs.5.50          C. Rs.6               D. Rs.7



(1)–A; (2)–C; (3)–B; (4)–A; (5)–D