1. To find out how heavy an object is we must find its.

       A. length            B. width             C. volume          D. weight


  1. Dipak needs to measure how wide the window is in his bedroom. About how wide is the window?

       A. 4 yard            B. 4 inches         C. 4 feet              D. 4 centimeter


  1. Julie knits this blanket for her baby. She wants to put a lace around the blanket. How many centimeters of the lace does she need?

       A. 224 centimeters                     B. 140 centimeters

       C. 200 centimeters                     D. 340 centimeters


  1. Ashok wants to know how much water is there in his fish tank. What unit in the metric system should he use, to measure the amount of water?

       A. meters           B. liters             C. centimeters D. celsius


  1. Select the correct answer.

       A. 15 inches is longer than one foot

       B. one foot is shorter than 10 centimeters

       C. one yard is longer than 5 feet

       D. 10 millimeters is longer than one yard


  1. About how long is a pencil?

       A. 5 feet              B. 5 inches         C. 5 yards          D. 2 feet


  1. Nitu weighs 67 Kg and tinu weighs 79 Kg. How much more does tinu weigh?

       A. 12 Kg             B. 24 Kg             C. 146 Kg           D. 12 Kg


  1. Which tool can be used to weigh an object?

       A. ruler               B. cup                 C. tape               D. Weighing scale


  1. About how many long is this banner? (Use the paper clip shown in the picture to measure the length of the  banner.)

       A. 2                     B. 7                      C. 1                     D. 3



(19)–D; (20)–C; (21)–D; (22)–B; (23)–A; (24)–B; (25)–D; (26)–D; (27)–D