Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-6

Science Worksheet-6

  1. A plant's ____ soak up water and nutrients from the soil.

a. seed                b. roots            c. fruit                d. leaves


  1. Which is a mammal?

a. jellyfish          b. frog               c. crocodile        d. monkey


  1. What set of legs does a frog grow first?

a. front legs       b. back legs

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  1. What do butterflies eat?

a. leaves             b. nectar          c. egg                  d. bugs


  1. The dog is

a. living             b. a person        c. green


  1. Is a lion a carniove?

a. Yes, it is.                                  b. No, it eats grass and vegetables.


  1. Leaves start to change color when it is

a. Spring            b. Winter           c. Fall                d. Summer


Answer Key

(1)–b; (2)–d; (3)–b; (4)–b; (5)–a; (6)–a; (7)–c