Math Olympiad Grade 3 Money Test-7

Money Worksheet


  1. Shruti saves Rs. 1.50 everyday from her pocket money. How much does she save in 10 days?

       A. Rs. 15             B. Rs. 16             C. Rs.20             D. Rs.25


  1. Round Rs.4.23 to the nearest rupee.

       A. Rs.4.20         B. Rs.4.50         C. Rs.4.00         D. Rs.5.00


  1. Manisha, Avantika and Susan were arranging a farewell party for their friend. The party arrangements cost was Rs.30 altogether and the three friends decided to split the cost. Manisha contributed Rs.10.75, Avantika contributed Rs.8.50 and Susan contributed the rest. How much did Susan contribute?

       A. Rs.9.45          B. Rs.10.50       C. Rs.11.25        D. Rs.10.75

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  1. Rahul went to market with Rs. 40. He spent Rs. 6.50 on bus fare, purchased a book for Rs. 11, a pen for Rs. 14.50. He spent Rs. 8 for popcorn. How much money was left with him?

       A. Rs. 21                                         B. Rs. 12

       C. He is left with no money         D. Rs. 13


  1. Mom was buying school supplies for Shaunak. She bought two pencils for Rs.1.20, a notebook for Rs.2.50, a ruler for Rs.1 and a school bag for Rs.12.20. What was the amount mom spent rounded to the nearest ten rupees?

       A. Rs.10             B. Rs.15              C. Rs.20             D. Rs.30



(6)–A; (7)–C; (8)–D; (9)–C; (10)–C