Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-7

Science Worksheet-7

  1. What do plants need to survive?

a. Air                 b. Clothes          c. Water           d. Sunlight

e. Soil


  1. Which part of a plant takes in sunlight?

a. leaves          b. stem               c. roots               d. flower


  1. What does a fish need to swim?

a. fins                b. boat               c. paddle            d. wings

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  1. If ducks did not have webbed feet, what would happen?

a. They would swim faster       b. They would fly farther

c. They would swim slower


  1. Baby animals that hatch from eggs do not drink milk.

a. True              b. False


  1. Which baby animal lives in a pouch?

a. Bear                b. Turtle             c. Opossum


  1. The earth experiences seasons because it is

a. tilted on its axis.                        b. orbitting around the sun.

c. the biggest planet in the solar system.


Answer Key

(1)–a, c, d, e; (2)–a; (3)–a; (4)–c; (5)–a; (6)–c; (7)–a