Math Olympiad Grade 3 Measurement Test-8

Measurement Worksheet


  1. Venkatesh lived 15 kilometers from Raja's village. Parul lived 25 kilometers away from Raja's village. How far did Venkatesh live from Parul's house?

       A. 40 kilometers                          B. 35 kilometers       

       C. 25 kilometers                           D. 15 kilometers


  1. In a running race, rabbit is 225 m ahead of tortoise. After that it takes rest for sometime. At that time tortoise crosses it and travelled 150 m. How much distance does the tortoise travelled?

       A. 75 m               B. 225 m            D. 150 m            D. 375 m

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       A. 1250 ml         B. 10250 ml      C. 1150 ml         D. 1550 ml



(16)–A; (17)–D; (18)–A