Math Olympiad Grade 4 Fractions Test-8

Fractions Worksheet-8


  1. The lowest form of 20/50 is:

A. 1/5                  B. 1/2                  C. 2/5                 D. 10/25


  1. There are three people in a room. If they cut an apple into 3 equal pieces and take 1 piece each, each has eaten what part of the apple?

A. 1                      B. One-third     C. Half                D. One-fourth

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  1. What fraction of the birds in the group are white birds?

A. 3/8                 B. 5/8                 C. 4/8                 D. 4/4


  1. In which of the following does the shaded part represent one third of its whole?

A.            B.               C.               D.


  1. How many parts should be shaded in the figure B to make it represent the same fraction as the un-shaded part of the figure A?

A. 1                      B. 2                     C. 3                     D. 4


  1. Madhavi eats one full bar of chocolate. Then she divides another one into 5 equal parts and eats 3 of those parts. The total number of chocolates that she has eaten is:

A. 4/5                 B. 3/5                 C. 8/5                 D. 8/10


  1. 11/4 is a number between:

A. 1 and 2           B. 2 and 3          C. 3 and 4          D. 11 and 12


  1. What fraction does the shaded part represent?

A. 10/12             B. 2/12               C. 2/10               D. 4/12


  1. Here is a collection of 6 shapes. Of the 6 shapes, 5 are shaded. The fraction of the un-shaded shapes is:

A. 5/6                 B. 4/6                 C. 1/6                  D. 3/6


  1. Which of the following is an improper fraction?

      A.                  B.

      C.                                       D.


Answer Keys

(1)–C; (2)–B; (3)–C; (4)–B; (5)–A; (6)–C; (7)–B; (8)–A; (9)–C; (10)–A