Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-8

Science Worksheet-8

  1. Earth's atmosphere has lots of gases in it. Our bodies use this one when we breathe.

a. nitrogen                                      b. carbon dioxide

c. oxygen


  1. Which part of a plant supports the flower?

a. leaves             b. flower            c. roots               d. stem


  1. Which part of the plant takes water from the ground into the plant?

a. stem               b. leaves             c. roots             d. flower

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  1. In which season do trees have buds?

a. Winter           b. Spring             c. Summer        d. Fall


  1. All insects have a hard outer shell called a

a. abodmen                                    b. exoskeleton

c. antenna


  1. How many body parts do bugs have?

a. 3                     b. 6                      c. 9


  1. A spider has legs.

a. 2                      b. 6                      c. 8


Answer Key

(1)–c; (2)–d; (3)–c; (4)–b; (5)–b; (6)–a; (7)–c