Math Olympiad Grade 4 Test-9

Measurements Worksheet-12


  1. An ant comes out of its hole and travels along doted lines to the piece of sugar.

4th grade math worksheets

       How much distance does it cover?

A. 1 m 26 cm                                  B. 2 m 25 cm

C. 2 m 70 cm                                 D. 22 m 5 cm

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  1. A beaker (Vessel) is weighed when it is empty and when it is full of water. How much does the water in the beaker weigh?

math worksheets on measurement for grade 4

A. 50 g                B. 200 g             C. 250 g             D. 300 g


  1. How many milliliters can make 5 liters?

A. 5000              B. 500                C. 50                   D. 5


Answer Keys

(16)–B; (17)–B; (18)–A