Science Olympiad Grade 2 Test-9

Science Worksheet-9

  1. Birds use their ______ to find and eat food

a. snouts            b. beaks           c. ears                 d. nose


  1. What helps animals stay warm?

a. water              b. scarfs             c. leaves             d. fur


  1. Elephants lay eggs

a. True                b. False

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  1. Are carnivores meat eaters?

a. No, They like vegetables.        b. Yes, they like meat.


  1. Which of the following is not a part of a flower?

a. branches        b. roots               c. leaves             d. stem


  1. What 3 things does a plant need to survive?

a. nothing

b. water, wind, animals

c. sunlight, water, vitamins from the soil


Answer Key

(1)–b; (2)–d; (3)–b; (4)–b; (5)–a; (6)–c